Click the link above to begin sending your files to us. Below are the specifics of what types of files we accept:

  • 44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k sample rates. Please send the native sample rate from your session. Your master will be sent to you at the sample rate that you submit. Let us know if you have another preference.
  • 24bit or 32bit floating point WAV (16bit is acceptable but not optimal). 
  • Don’t remove any master bus processing that makes the mix sound finished. Examples would include compression, multiband compression and light limiting. Remove anything that is there for loudness purposes only (heavy limiting, clipping). When you print the mix, you should be generally happy with the way it sounds.
  • We will produce a master at an appropriate loudness based on our experience and the quality of the mix. If you have a ‘self-master’ for us to reference, it can be quite helpful to avoid revisions.

Once your transfer is complete, we’ll receive a notification email. After we’ve downloaded the file, you will also receive notification.