Darkart Mastering



Darkart takes away 50% of the stress in making the music in 2014. I want my records to sound as great and creative as possible...he takes care of the loudness!!

- Diplo
The Glitch Mob

With most mastering houses, you're just another job and statistic. Very few mastering engineers have the work ethic to go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve the best results possible. Mike is truly a rare talent.

- The Glitch Mob

Thank you so much for spending all the time with us on tracks! It really means a lot to us! We've been recommending you to a lot of other artists.

- Flosstradamus

Tunes sound amazing! We had a day off in DC yesterday so we went to U Street Music Hall before they opened doors and listened to a bunch of album stuff on the system...man you really killed it. Thank you so much! We'd done a new arrangement of Fallen Down so we were listening to that version back to back with your master and it was like night and day...it sounded SO much clearer. Thank you.

- Nadastrom
Bro Safari

When it comes to mixing down my music, I'm a total control freak. Naturally, the same mentality applied to having my music mastered. I never wanted anyone else to touch what I had created. Over time, I slowly started to realize that I was putting way too much pressure on myself. By bringing another set of ears into the equation, I allowed myself some room to breathe and to be more creative in the studio. I've been absolutely thrilled with the masters that I've received from Darkart and I'm sure that I'll be working with them for quite some time to come.

- Bro Safari
12th Planet

I choose Darkart Mastering for two main reasons. One: Mike is one of the best engineers on planet Earth and is a fellow bass-music producer. He understands exactly what you want to get out of the product at the end of the day. Two: the willingness to work with the artist hands-on until the master is perfect makes working with Darkart not only fun, but also an experience of learning how to make your mixdowns better. At my label Smog, we use Darkart Mastering on every single release.

- 12th Planet
DJ Craze

Shit sounds bangin my dude!!

- DJ Craze

By golly you've done it! I love it...front to back to front to back! Perfecto man!

- Griz

Killed it!

- Protohype

Nice job! Sounds great. You cleaned it up and kept the volume while getting it more presence.

- Torro Torro

Mike, thank you. The master sounds awesome. Looking forward to doing more masters with you!

- DJ Grand Theft

Will def continue to send all the work I do your way for mastering!

- Mayhem

Darkart Mastering is my new go-to mastering spot!! Wowwwwww!!!

Best mastering engineer.

- Antiserum

I played in Berlin on Saturday and 'Simple Things' was the best sounding thing of the night for me, really pleased with it, that track originally sounded unbalanced and you've done a great job of correcting it. Thank you for making my job easier!

- Calibre

Thank you for these man, they sound amazing.

- Valentino Khan

Amazing work thanks!



- Ana Sia

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job you did on the tunes. They sound better than anything in the club. Clear, warm, loud and full, while still retaining the dynamic I was looking for in a good master. It's so great to have your expertise and experience back in the game. Thank you for going above and beyond to get the masters just right.

- Grenier a.k.a. DJG

Sounds really really good man. Blows my rough versions completely away. The gear sounds so creamy and high res. Couldn't be happier. Thanks so much!

- John Tejada

Been getting a lot of compliments on the sonic quality of my EP. All thanks go to Mike Bell at Darkart Mastering for the incredible engineering!

- Atlantic Connection


AGAIN!! AMAZING MASTERING!!..Sounds soo good!!!

- UFO!

Absolutely nailed it.

- LoBounce

The difference between the Darkart master and my versions are like night and day. Everything hits so much harder and with more clarity and the balance in the final masters are amazing. It goes without saying that I highly recommend Darkart, def my go to from here on out.

- Hunter Siegel

Just wrapped 2 days of attended sessions at Darkart Mastering. Learned more about audio in the last 48hrs than in the last 18 months.

- Deco

Dude, wow!!! Night and day. This seems like exactly what i've been hoping for. Basically, to be able to mix and not worry about some redlining, then just turn it down and turn it in to a masterer who can somehow make it as loud and punchy as my mix. I didn't know if i was being stubborn or ignorant, but now it seems entirely possible. How were you able to pull that off? It seems like until this master all I've been told is that what i wanted wasn't really possible.

- Rags

YOOO!! You absolutely nailed it! Thank you soo much, it sounds incredible! More to come.

- Mike Genato

Just got masters back. Tasty. Fantastic work.

- Flaxo

Thanks again for your mastering work on Kings Lvnding. Sounds ridic!!!

- Gunner Bass

Got the masters back from Darkart Mastering. Sounding absolutely sick!!!

- Such Music

This is amazing! We are absolutely loving those masters. This is really stunning work Mike! Thanks so much!

- Faible & Konfusion

All I have to say is WOW!!!! Man, those masters are so sick that I almost cried!!!!!! Thanks so much for getting it done so quickly! Honestly... wow!

- LoHi Stereo

These are the most brilliant masters I've ever gotten back. In 16 years of releasing music, these are the best sounding tunes I've ever done.

- Paul Swytch

Oh man that sounds so good! Will definitely be having you master everything from now on.

- Dirt Monkey

Killer job my man! You have a client in me for sure!

- Durty Larry