grease-sf-blog asked:
Hi I had a question about mixdowns after reading your VOL:4 article. -- 1. If you are mixing with a limiter on the master, is your stereo still set to -6db? (But your limiter boosts gain by let's say ~4db)? -- 2. compression/limiters on mixbusses - is it fine to send a premaster with these on the mixbusses? -- 3. If I have nothing on my master out after I finish a mix, master out set to -6db, does it matter where it peaks at? Or do I not want it to peak at a certain volume? (limit or compress)

Volume 2 was a video called ‘How To Set Levels’. Despite the fact that I turned the limiter off on the master, it directly deals with your question and can be applied the same way.

Please read the article on mixbuss compression again, I talk about whether it’s a good idea to send a premaster with compression or not and why.

Regarding peaks level on the master, they typically should be sitting around -3dbfs to -6dbfs but anything under 0dbfs is fine. No clipping.