ericmonster-blog asked:
What's up? Love this short but sweet blog. Plan on using darkarts for mastering in the near future. I have a question: I seem to struggle with mixdowns the most (part of it is the monitoring environment, I think). The more I read up on DnB production the more I see that alot has to do with the mixdown. Do you have any tips on mixdowns, how to make them better and what you see in your day to day work that should be corrected before it gets to you?

it’s true, DnB relies heavily on the mixdown to get the ideas across properly. weak mixdowns just don’t get alot of play from dj’s because they won’t fit in the set next to stronger productions. i’ve seen proper mastering take weaker mixdowns to the next level but as the saying goes, “you can’t polish a turd.”

as far as tips go, stay tuned to the blog as I’m posting info as I think of it. currently, the blog posts deal with the most common issues I see when tracks come in for mastering. I plan to go deeper and more advanced as time goes on.