r4ns0m asked:
Thanks for the post about the Channel EQ in Logic. Are you still using Logic much? Are there other DAWs you are working with (Ableton Live, Reaper)? And any other surprises about Logic native plug-ins that users might not know about?

I do use Logic for production still because I’ve used it since Logic 4 and being comfortable is a big factor when it comes to getting ideas down. It’s fallen behind most other DAW’s though…things like audio editing, 32bit audio… I like Ableton alot, it’s very conducive to being creative. I don’t love mixing in it but it’s possible.

Re: Logic native plugins…yes there are, but nothing as massive as the Channel EQ issue I blogged about. alot of plugins, native to Logic or 3rd party, have their share of issues. it’s important to trust your ears or at least do some research on what plugins are known to perform well. there’s potential for lots of coding errors in these things that can damage your audio.

Start with finding one really good EQ and one really good dynamics processor to build a solid foundation for your mixes.