I Survived 2016…(the motorcycle accident that saved my life)

Some of you may have noticed my disappearance from Twitter and all other social media around May of last year. Some of my clients and close friends were aware of the events that transpired but for those of you that don’t, here’s my crazy story.

April 12th 2016, the weather was perfect and coming out of the cold and rainy season, I was ready for some L.A. Spring riding. I finished up a normal day at Darkart and hopped on my Harley to drive home from DTLA. About halfway home I came around a corner to see an oncoming SUV turn across my lane at the last second onto a closed road leaving me no option but to slam my brakes and brace for impact as I barrel into her front end at 35 mph. I went over my handlebars and straight into the grill with part of me rolling onto the hood and then settling onto the pavement. It was not pretty.

My first reaction was to look at the person who ruined my day (and my bike) and I see a woman who is smiling awkwardly at me not knowing what to say (in retrospect, I think she was in shock). As I’m trying to reason with the fact that this person just made things worse, the pain hit me, hard. I dropped to the pavement again in agony. There were alot of witnesses and it didn’t take long for the ambulance to arrive.

Fast forward to me being wheeled on a gurney into the ER at USC Medical Center. Watching the team of doctors and nurses race into the room instantly, I could tell that they were always prepared for the worst when they hear ‘motorcylce accident’. Things like (as I’m told by one of the nurses), looking under the blanket and seeing pieces of me missing but luckily, that was not the case.

I ended up getting a CT scan to check on my internal organs and was left alone in my room to await the results. Eventually, a doctor came in and told me that I didn’t suffer any damage to my internal organs but they did find a mass on my left kidney

After more analysis, I was told that I had Stage II Kidney Cancer and would need to have it surgically removed “soon" or my life would be in danger.

That’s right, I came into the ER with motorcycle injuries and left with motorcycle injuries and Cancer

Long story short, I ended up having the tumor surgically removed in a robotics-assisted surgery and they say that the chance of it reappearing is in the single-digit percentages.

The recovery was hard however, very hard. Just getting back on my feet after the motorcycle accident took weeks and then the recovery from surgery…just being able to walk and breathe normally again was a task. But I recovered, fully. And went back to mastering records again for the latter half of the year as if nothing had changed.

I did come back with somewhat of a changed perspective on life as I’m sure some of you might understand. It was a near death experience…two of them…back to back. But I’m here, and it’s 2017, a new year. I’d just like to thank everyone who’s been here for me, my family, all my clients that stuck with me through it all. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  • Mike Bell @ Darkart Mastering