Mastered for iTunes

Darkart Mastering

"Darkart takes away 50% of the stress in making the music. I want my records to sound as great and creative as possible...he takes care of the loudness!!"
- Diplo

"We’re blown away. Extremely happy with this as well. Nobody has comments or remarks hahaha! Never happened before. Thank you for all your work on this."
- Yellow Claw

"With most mastering houses, you're just another job and statistic. Very few mastering engineers have the work ethic to go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve the best results possible. Mike is truly a rare talent."
- The Glitch Mob

"Thank you so much for spending all the time with us on tracks! It really means a lot to us! We've been recommending you to a lot of other artists."
- Flosstradamus

"Tunes sound amazing! We had a day off in DC yesterday so we went to U Street Music Hall before they opened doors and listened to a bunch of album stuff on the you really killed it. Thank you so much! We'd done a new arrangement of Fallen Down so we were listening to that version back to back with your master and it was like night and sounded SO much clearer. Thank you."
- Nadastrom

"When it comes to mixing down my music, I'm a total control freak. Naturally, the same mentality applied to having my music mastered. I never wanted anyone else to touch what I had created. Over time, I slowly started to realize that I was putting way too much pressure on myself. By bringing another set of ears into the equation, I allowed myself some room to breathe and to be more creative in the studio. I've been absolutely thrilled with the masters that I've received from Darkart and I'm sure that I'll be working with them for quite some time to come."
- Bro Safari

"I choose Darkart Mastering for two main reasons. One: Mike is one of the best engineers on planet Earth and is a fellow bass-music producer. He understands exactly what you want to get out of the product at the end of the day. Two: the willingness to work with the artist hands-on until the master is perfect makes working with Darkart not only fun, but also an experience of learning how to make your mixdowns better. At my label Smog, we use Darkart Mastering on every single release."
- 12th Planet